Adenomectomy surgery is the most effective treatment in the treatment of patients with large prostates. In recent years, it has come to the fore with the development of robotic surgery.

In addition, it may be preferred in the presence of a large bladder stone with BPH or when there are orthopedic problems that may prevent positioning for closed surgeries. Mild to moderate pain may occur after the operation. The urinary catheter is usually withdrawn in 4-7 days and a hospital stay may be required during this time.

The fact that patients consult the doctor earlier and the diagnosis is made in the early period, and that the endoscopic methods have shown great improvement, have enabled the majority of surgical treatments to turn into closed interventions. Closed surgeries are interventions that are performed using special instruments under direct observation through the camera view through the urinary tract.


The common method used for prostates over 100Gr was open prostatectomy and was first described and applied by Millin in 1947. With the development of technology, the laparoscopic technique, which was first applied and described by Mariano et al., started to be used in 2002. With the use of laparoscopic prostatectomy, it was observed that there was a greater improvement in the quality of life with a greater improvement in complaints compared to open surgery, and also less blood loss, shorter hospital stay, and less urethral catheterization time.

With the developments in the last 20 years, we started to use the robotic method in surgery. Robotic surgery has emerged as a more effective surgical method than laparoscopic surgery because it provides a three-dimensional image, surgical sutures are applied more precisely, and its mobility is better. Robotic surgery is the most common method I use for prostates over 100 grams. It is also an important advantage that stone surgery can be done easily.

 We applied a new method in our robotic prostatectomy (adenomectomy) series and achieved more success compared to the surgical methods performed so far.



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