Surgical Methods Used in Bladder Cancer Surgery

  • Transurethral Resection of Bladder Tumor (TURBT): It is a method used to remove cancer cells in the stage before cancer cells spread to the muscle structure of the bladder. In the procedure performed under local anesthesia, cancer cells in the bladder are burned with a wire with electric current used through a cystoscope (a thin tube-shaped instrument sent from the urinary tract to the bladder in men and women). Alternatively, a high-energy laser can be used.
  • Cystectomy: It is the operation in which the bladder is removed from the body in bladder cancer surgeries.
  • Restructuring of the bladder: It is the creation of a new way for urine to leave the body after bladder cancer surgery (cystectomy). The surgeon creates a spherical chamber from part of the patient’s intestine. This reservoir is connected to the urethra (the tube through which urine exits the bladder and leaves the body) inside the body and allows urine to exit the body.
  • Establishing the urinary tract from the intestine: The tube (ileal tube) formed from the intestine of the patient is extended from the ureters to the outside of the body. From here, the urine empties into a pouch attached to the patient’s abdomen.
  • Formation of a urinary bladder from the intestine: A small reservoir is created from a piece of intestine for the accumulation of urine. The urine in this chamber has to be drained through the opening in the abdomen using a catheter (a thin tube) several times a day.

The surgical methods used in bladder cancer surgery (cystectomy) are:



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