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Is it possible to treat testicular tumors without removing the testicle?

Testicular tumors in men with hardness and swelling of the testicle (egg) are traditionally treated with complete removal of...

Do people who take erection pills have heart attacks?

I am sure you have all heard about it. It is often said that heart attacks and deaths, especially...

Erection – treatment of sexual dysfunctions

Treatment of erectile-sexual dysfunctionHow do erection pills work? Can you get an erection as soon as you swallow the...


Lower urinary tract symptoms due to benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) are one of the most common medical problems in...


The use of the da-Vinci robotic system allowed laparoscopic surgery to mimic an open bilateral approach without repositioning the...

How should genital warts be treated? Who should receive HPV vaccine and when?

What should I do if there is a (genital) wart around the genitals?As someone who frequently sees patients on...

How should prostate cancer be treated? What advantages does robotic surgery (radical prostatectomy) provide? Is non-surgical treatment possible in prostate cancer?

Robotic surgery, radical prostatectomy Robotic radical prostatectomy is a minimally invasive surgery to remove the cancerous prostate gland and some...

Did you know that varicocele disease is one of the most important causes of infertility and it is possible to have children after treatment?

Did you know that varicocele disease is one of the most important causes of infertility and that it is...



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