What You Should Know About Kidney Tumor

What You Should Know About Kidney Tumor

What is kidney cancer?

Many different types of cancer can develop in the kidney. We divide these cancer types into 2 groups as benign and malignant. The most common mass in the kidney is simple kidney cysts. Kidney cyst is a benign mass and completely different from cancer. Most of the time, kidney cysts that occur by chance never threaten human life. Patients with kidney cysts panic unnecessarily and seek treatment. In fact, kidney cysts often do not even require treatment, just monitoring is almost always sufficient.

Kidney cancer is a malignant mass and unlike kidney cysts, it can pose a threat to human life. Kidney cancer usually occurs between the ages of 50 and 70. It is seen 2-3 times more in men than in women.


Symptoms of kidney cancer:

Mass in the kidney area



general illness

weight loss

repetitive high fever

high blood pressure (hypertension)

anemia (anemia)

If the cancer has spread, findings related to the organ it has spread can be seen. E.g

If it has spread to the lungs, cough, shortness of breath, bloody sputum may be present, as well as bone pain in patients with bone spread, headache, paralysis, loss of consciousness in patients with brain spread.

These complaints may be a symptom of kidney cancer or may be caused by other problems such as infection. People with these complaints should definitely see a urologist. Usually, early cancer does not cause pain. Therefore, it is important to see the doctor without feeling pain. Cancer diagnosed early is curable.



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