Diagnosis of kidney cancer

Diagnosis of kidney cancer

Research and physical examination by the doctor about the patient’s complaints and history is the first step towards reaching the diagnosis. In the examination, it is investigated whether there is abnormal stiffness or a mass in the region that fits the kidneys, especially in the abdomen. A blood and urine test can then be done. Occult blood can sometimes be detected in the urine in patients with kidney tumors. The patient’s complaints, history, and the doctor’s initial evaluation findings are very important for determining further investigations. Ultrasonography is very useful for determining whether there is a tumor in the kidney. If a kidney tumor is shown or suspected in the images obtained in these examinations, computed tomography (CT) examination should be performed.


CT OR MRI shows the condition of the kidney, shows whether the mass is a cyst or a tumor, its spread and whether there is enlargement of the lymph nodes around the kidney. A chest X-ray scan, PET, and sometimes a bone scan may be done to determine the stage of the disease.



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