Saadettin Eskiçorapçı Ameliyat

Prof. Saadettin Eskiçorapçı was born in Konya in 1973. He graduated from Ankara Science High School in 1991 and from Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine in 1997. In 2002, he completed his specialization thesis titled “Evaluation of the efficacy of parameters used in the early diagnosis of prostate cancer” in Hacettepe University, Department of Urology, and received the title of Urology specialist. He became one of the first urology specialists from Turkey to win the FEBU title by winning the European Urology Proficiency Board Exam in 2003.
Prof. Eskiçorapçı, who received training from world-class academics such as Prof. Freiha, Prof. Presti, Prof. Rassweiller in the field of Urooncology (Urological Cancers) in the country and abroad between 2001-2005, became an Associate Professor of Urology in 2007. Prof. Eskiçorapçı received training in the field of Laparoscopic Urological Surgery in many centers abroad in 2006-2007. Dr.Eskiçrapçı received the title of Professor of Urology in 2013. Prof. Eskiçorapçı, who has many awards in the scientific field, has authored 12 chapters in national and international books, especially on urological oncology and endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery. Prof. Eskiçorapçı, who received the best study award 4 times with her academic studies at home and abroad, has a h-index of 17 according to December 2020 Google Scholar, and her academic works have been cited over 1000 times. Prof. Eskiçorapçı is the general secretary of the Turkish Urooncology Association. She works as the congress secretary in the Interdisciplinary Urooncology online congress and Turkish Urooncology congresses organized by this association. He advises university and high school students in the field of academic careers in many schools in Turkey and abroad. Prof. Eskiçorapçı, speaks English fluently and German.


Prof. Saadettin Eskicorapci, MD, FEBU has won several scientific awards and has had 250 scientific studies published in national and international prestigious journals. As a certified urologist of European Board of Urology, he is a Board member of Turkish Urooncology Association. Prof. Eskicorapci undertook much of his formal medical training in medical institutions throughout Turkey and also made educational visits for more than 1,5 year to leading medical centres in the USA, Germany and France.

Prof. Eskicorapci has his own office at Zorlu Center, Istanbul and lecturer in Acibadem University Faculty of Medicine.

Prof. Eskiçorapçı, who has a serious experience in the use of technology in health such as robotic surgery and laser, gives trainings on “technology and health”. His areas of interest can be counted as Mevlana’s philosophy, basketball, literature, and dance. At the same time, Prof. Eskiçorapçı is interested in contemporary painting as an amateur painting collector. Saadettin Eskiçorapçı, who conducts informative studies on healthy living, is also the author of the book “Konuşulmayan Erkeklik-Unspoken Manhood”. Between 2019-2020, he worked as a presenter moderator in the “En Sağlıklı sohbetler-The Healthiest Conversations” program on NTV. Prof. Eskiçorapçı also received professional “Erickson Coaching” training and provides coaching services in the field of health.

Academic Visits and Trainings  of Prof.Saadettin Eskiçorapçı:
• Clinical training in urooncology, Eppendorf University-Urology Clinic Hamburg-Germany, 2001
• European Board of Urology (EBU) Fellowship, (European Urology Qualification Certificate) June 2003
• Clinical training in Urooncology, Stanford University Department of Urooncology, Palo Alto-USA, 2003
• Laparoscopy, retroperitonoscopy, laser and endourology training, SLK-Kliniken, Heilbronn, Heidelberg University-Germany, 2007
• RADIUS surgical system training, University of Tübingen, Tübingen-Germany, 2006
• Laparoscopic Urology training, Hopital Henri Mondor, Paris-France, 2006
• Laparoscopic Urology training, Charite University, Berlin-Germany,2007
• Robotic Surgery Training, Strasbourg, France 2013

Areas of Expertise:

  • Urology and Urooncology (Kidney tumor and cysts, prostate and bladder cancers, testis tumor)
  • Prostate laser surgery
  • Robotic surgery (all kinds of urological surgery including complexed cases)
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Complexed tumor surgery in Urooncology
  • Percutaneous and retrograde intrarenal endoscopic kidney stone surgery
  • Microsurgery (varicocele etc.)
  • Penile prosthesis implant surgery
  • Incontinence surgery

Surgical Experience: (Special interventions):
• Robotic Urological surgery More than 400 surgical interventions
• Laparoscopic Urological Surgery: More than 500 surgical interventions (laparoscopic radical prostatectomy, laparoscopic all kinds of kidney surgery, etc.)
• Endoscopic stone surgery: More than 1000 surgical interventions (Percutaneous nephrolithotripsy etc.)
• Urooncological open major surgery: More than 1000 interventions (Radical cystoprostatectomy etc.)
• Laser prostatectomy: more than 500 procedures (Greenlight prostatectomy)
• Urological surgery in children: More than 400 interventions (ureteroneocystostomy, augmentation, etc.)
• Female Urology: More than 200 incontinence surgeries (Urethra sling-sling surgeries) 

Prof. Saadettin Eskicorapci, MD, FEBU, 
Board Member of Turkish Urooncology Society 
Department of Urology, School of Medicine, Acibadem University, İstanbul
Adress: Zorlu Center T1 D:103 İstanbul



Zorlu Center, Terasevler TA Lobby, Floor: T1, Flat: 103, 34340 Beşiktaş/Istanbul

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+90 533 256 90 60 – +90 0212 284 84 80

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