Is it possible to treat testicular tumors without removing the testicle?

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Testicular tumors in men with hardness and swelling of the testicle (egg) are traditionally treated with complete removal of the testicle (orchiectomy). Subsequently, medication and radiation treatments may be added. However, this form of treatment, in which the testicle is completely removed, has many negative social, psychological and even hormonal effects. In recent years, studies have been conducted to investigate whether testicular sparing treatment, that is, removing only the tumor and leaving the remaining testicle, is appropriate in the treatment of testicular masses and tumors.

In fact, testicular sparing treatments are applied to people with a single testicle. A special study is being carried out by a group including me within the Urooncology Association on the application of this in people with both testicles. In this study, Stage 1 testicular tumors are examined.

In addition, the tumor should not be more than 30% of the entire testicular volume. According to the results of the study, especially in small masses that are likely to be benign, facility-sparing surgery can be performed in experienced centers. During the surgery, pathologic examination and, if necessary, further treatment are discussed with the patient before surgery. However, radical orchiectomy (removal of the testicle and its appendages) is still the gold standard treatment today. Of course, the most important point is to always be under the control of a physician who is a specialist in these tumors and experienced in the field of Urooncology.

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