How should genital warts be treated? Who should receive HPV vaccine and when?

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What should I do if there is a (genital) wart around the genitals?
As someone who frequently sees patients on this subject, I must definitely state that every wart and swelling that appears later in the genital area should be considered suspicious and should be shown to a specialist physician without delay. It can be a simple skin fold or a serious lesion that can cause cancer. Please do not try to treat it with creams and medicines that you will buy from an acquaintance online or manually. In the future, you may remain in much more problematic and even unsolvable situations!

Guys, I have good news! You can save your wife’s life!
Guys, I have good news! Only by coming to me for the examination can you save the life of your wife or lover! How Does? Very easy; If you notice genital warts in yourself, it is enough to come and be treated immediately!
Since genital warts are in the vagina in women, it is almost impossible to notice and can remain silently for years and cause cervical cancer. In men, on the contrary to women, genital warts are easily visible and a simple self-examination of the genital organs will suffice.
Even if warts in men are very small, suspicious or even millimeter in size, we immediately treat them to protect the partner, because in the long term, it can cause cervical cancer in women.

How to diagnose warts caused by HPV? Does it cause cancer? Yes
When a person comes to my office with warts, it is possible to understand very highly whether it is caused by HPV, only by examination. Of course, pathological diagnosis is required for a definitive diagnosis, but appearance allows me to make a preliminary diagnosis with a 90% probability.

Do not relax by saying that I do not have a visible wart!
HPV virus can be seen in both sexes and is transmitted from person to person through sexual contact. HPV can also be transmitted by skin contact in the genital area not covered by the condom. It is possible to transmit the virus even at an early stage, when genital warts are not visible! Even after HPV is transmitted microscopically and invisibly, it can live quietly in your body for many years and can be contagious. That’s why I’m especially appealing to women! If your spouse or partner has warts, immediately go for a checkup and have a test. Otherwise, you may be a carrier and have problems with a vicious cycle, and you may even experience cervical cancer! In pregnant women with HPV, it can be passed from mother to baby during delivery.
According to US data, about 1 percent of sexually active men can develop genital warts. Each year in the US approximately:
HPV-related penile cancer in 400 men
HPV-associated anal cancer in 1500 men
In 5600 men, HPV-related cancers are seen in the intranet and throat area. Men who have intercourse with men are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than men who only have intercourse with women. Men with weak immune systems, such as those with HIV (AIDS virus), are more likely to develop anal cancer than other men. In addition, genital warts are more severe in men with HIV and are more difficult to treat.

Is there an HPV test for men?
This is a question that patients who come to my practice often ask. Those who come to have a test for screening are especially curious if their spouse or partner has HPV detected but does not have any symptoms.
Currently, there is no screening test that can show the presence of HPV in men. The sensitivity of swab tests on the market is very low and not recommended for men unless the patient has a visible wart. While HPV detection tests approved for HPV-related cancers or genital warts are used in women, they are not yet available for screening purposes in men. The diagnosis of genital warts is ideally made with the pathological examination after the person sees and suspects the lesion, comes to us as a doctor, and after the examination and surgical removal.

Is genital wart treatment urgent?
When I see genital warts in male patients who come to my office, I say:
“Let’s get the wart out without wasting time!” I would explain to my patient, who asked if it was an emergency, as follows:
“Treatment of genital warts is urgent. The reason includes both organic and psychosocial situations. Although rare, genital warts can cause cancer in men, but more importantly, they can cause cervical cancer at a much higher rate in women. Do you want to take this conscientious responsibility?” I ask. Few of my patients return home with genital warts, which are very simple to treat, after this conversation, which is the truth!

Should HPV Vaccine be given? To whom should it be done?
Since the risk of cancer is very high, especially in women, due to HPV, it is very reasonable to prevent it with vaccination. Since the effectiveness of HPV vaccine increases when applied before sexual life starts, girls and boys after 9-10 years of age

It is recommended for children, but if it is delayed, it is also recommended for adult women and men in the future. The HPV vaccine protects against the 4 most common HPV types. The vaccine protects against new HPV infections, but does not treat existing active HPV infection and genital warts.
The HPV vaccine is highly effective and safe, and has no serious side effects. Current data show that it can protect men from genital warts and anal cancer. Today, it is thought to have the potential to protect men from other HPV-related cancers (penile, oral and throat cancers), but there is no scientific study yet to prove this.

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