Erection – treatment of sexual dysfunctions

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Treatment of erectile-sexual dysfunction
How do erection pills work? Can you get an erection as soon as you swallow the pill?

As of 2021, the first option in medical treatment for erection problems should be such oral pills. These drugs (blue pill and others) aim to open the penile veins and fill them with blood, thereby improving the quality of erection. How do these pills open the blood vessels? By closing a gate (receptor) called Phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) in the vessel walls, it relaxes smooth muscle cells and thus dilates the vessels in the penis. Of course, for this effect to start, sexual activity must start or at least occur in the mind. Without sexual arousal, this group of drugs will not cause an erection for no reason. Do not be afraid, you will not walk around with an erection all day after taking the drug! These drugs start to act in the presence of substances (nitric oxide) that are produced by sexual stimulation, otherwise they remain passive.

Are all erection pills the same? For which conditions are they used?
Although the mechanisms of action of blue pills and similar pills (PDE5 inhibitors) used as erection enhancers are similar, their biochemical structure, pharmacological properties and effects on the body are different from each other. While some of them are effective for a few hours for a short period of time, some of them are so long lasting that they have the title of “weekend pill” due to their effect lasting 2-3 days. The general success rate is around 75%. In other words, we see success at various rates in 3 out of 4 people who use this pill. If the person has diabetes or has had prostate cancer surgery, the success of the medication drops to 50%.

How should the medication be used? Does an erection start immediately when I take the medicine?
Can every medicine be used for everyone?
In order to get the ideal benefit from these pills, there must be sexual arousal. If there is no sexual arousal, they do not act spontaneously and cause an erection out of the blue. An erection will occur when sexual stimulation and then sexual intercourse begins. Drugs can usually be taken at any time of the day, but a full stomach is not preferred to avoid negative effects on absorption. If you drink orange, lemon and grapefruit juice, these drinks will keep the liver enzymes busy and delay the excretion of the drug from the body, so it will last longer. But be careful, especially if you have liver problems.

Erection pills should not be used in patients with severe heart disease and hypertension. If heart disease and blood pressure are mild to moderate, they can be used with the permission of a cardiologist. Sublingual heart medicines should not be taken together as they will interact with them. Those taking benign prostate enlargement drugs (alpha blocker drugs) should be careful. The blue pill and similar pills used for erection (PDE5 inhibitors) should be taken in low doses and at least 4 hours after the prostate medication. Some medicines are not recommended to be used together. For example, it is not recommended to use alpha-blockers with the active ingredient vardenafil. The pill with the active substance tadalafil should not be taken in patients taking prostate enlargement medication (alpha-blockers) other than tamsulosin. As you can see, not every medicine can be used in every patient and you may encounter very serious problems. As a result, if you go to the pharmacy or order an erection pill from the internet, you will most likely have a serious problem and these problems may be irreversible. Always consult your doctor.

It was the first years when the blue pill was newly used, there was no competitor and everyone was using it as soon as they could. A friend of mine, who was 38 years old at the time, called me and told me that he had a serious lack of sexual function. As a result of our examinations, we decided that it was appropriate for him to take the blue pill – sidenafil 100 mg. The blue pill had to be taken a while before intercourse (1-2 hours) due to its medicinal properties and its effect was expected for 6 hours. The next day in the morning, my friend called me in a hurry and said that 3-4 hours after taking the drug, she saw everything in blue color and saw people in blue in the late hours of the night. It was as if he had entered the world of “Smurfs” as in the famous cartoon. Of course, this situation was not so sympathetic. Because, although rare, blue pills could cause vision problems and even create the effect of seeing everything blue. My friend’s eye examination was normal and this side effect soon passed. But it had such a psychological effect that I was sure she would not be able to take these pills for a long time!
So what are the side effects of sexual performance pills?

Let me list the most common side effects for you:

  • headache (7-16%),
  • heartburn (dyspepsia) (4-10%),
  • hot flashes (4-10%),
  • muscle pain, back pain (0-3%),
  • nasal congestion (3-4%) and
  • visual disturbance (0-3%).
    Side effects such as hot flushes and green-blue vision are more common with sildenafil and vardenafil, while back pain/myalgia may occur with tadalafil. While these side effects decrease over time, discontinuation rates due to side effects are very low.

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